Giving YOU the chance to SPEAK!!

All I ask...

If you choose to study with me, I have 3 golden rules that I would like you to agree to before we start. 

The Rules...

Nobody likes rules, especially Polish students, but there are a few things I'd like you to keep in mind if you're going to study English with me.

I am a very reasonable guy, and also a very flexible one too - just not physically ;) and all I ask for is for you to respect these 3 rules....

1. Be on time. Our lesson starts at 7pm - you chose that time - be there on time. I understand traffic might be a nightmare or your computer is doing those annoying Windows updates just before your class, but please respect the time because there will probably be someone waiting for their lesson when your time finishes. I will wait 20 minutes before a lesson is called as 'done'.

2. If you need to cancel because something has come up, no problem, I understand, but don't let me know 30 minutes before. The following cancellation times are as follows

Pay-as-you-go - cancel whenever you like, you pay a higher rate for this privilege.
4 x Lesson (once a week) - 12 hours before the start of the lesson
8 x Lessons (twice a week) - 6 hours before the start of the lesson

If you let me know you can't make a lesson within the times above, I'll just move the payment to the next time and you won't lose it. IF YOU DON'T, THE LESSON WILL BE CLASSED AS DONE

3. SPEAK, SPEAK, and SPEAK some more... I understand you might be feeling nervous, it's normal. But, remember why you are here, why you sent me an email in the first place. You want to use and SPEAK English, so do it. One-word answers are the worst. Remember, this is your chance to speak, nobody is going to laugh, judge or criticise anything you say.


Feel free to get in contact by email, social media or messenger



To Speak