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Hey Tbilisi!

Looking for English lessons in Tbilisi with a native English speaker, but can't find the right teacher? Have you thought about trying Skype English lessons or Zoom English classes? 

English Lessons in Tbilisi with a native english speaker

OK, so you're struggling to find an English native speaker in Tbilisi for English lessons. Well, now is the time to try Skype English lessons or Zoom English classes. If you've never tried online English lessons before, then I think you'll be surprised just how good they are and how they could be the perfect solution for your native speaker problem. Take a look at the below info-blocks.  

What makes Zoom English Lessons so good?

No travel involved. Study from anywhere! Avoid that Tbilisi traffic

No group lessons. All indvidual, so all the focus is on you  

Speak, speak, speak! All lessons planned to maximise your opportunity to speak

No need to be on camera. All focus is on the slides on the screen and your voice!

Your new english native speaker! 

I'm Luke and I'm a CELTA qualified English native speaking teacher from England and I teach online using Zoom and Skype. You can find out more about me here. I am currently accepting new students into my schedule and I would love to welcome you aboard my online English lessons using Zoom and Skype. You can find out how lessons work here and the price list here. If you've come to this page without seeing the main page, I suggest you take a look. Anyway, I hope to speak to you soon, and if you have any questions, just email, message, or call. 



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