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Useful words, idioms, and expressions that contain a colour

I like colour, and I like colourful things. I like something orange more than I like something grey. I’m actually wearing orange today. What colours are you wearing? Take a look around the room you are in now, what colours can you see? Lots and lots. Some I’m sure you don’t even know the name of. Colours are everywhere. They are also in the English language too. We have some really useful phrases, verbs, and idioms that contain a colour or colours and I’ve come up with 12 of the best.

Useful words, idioms, and expressions that contain a colour

A GREY area – a situation that is not so clear

We don’t know how much exactly the rent is. It’s a grey area and we need to find out more about that before we can confirm.

Once in a BLUE moon – almost never

I go to the cinema once in a blue moon. I actually can’t remember the last time I was there

RED tape – lots of documents and procedures involved before something can be done

It isn’t very easy because there is so much red tape. It should be, but sadly it isn’t.

To BLACKLIST someone – to put someone on a list which will not allow them to do something.

The company blacklisted me, so I can’t buy anything from them anymore.

To be GREEN – to be inexperienced

He is going to make mistakes. He is green, it's expected.

White lie – a small not so serious lie

Even if you don’t like her dress, say you do. It’s just a white lie and it will make her feel better

GOLDEN boy – very successful and popular

This he John, he’s the golden boy of the office. Every month, this guy always exceeds his targets.

To BLACKMAIL someone – to have material of someone doing something bad and telling them you will show everyone if they don’t do something for you or give you money

The only reason why she did it was because she was being blackmailed by her boss.

Out of the BLUE – something unexpected

I got an email out of the blue from my old school mate. They said they wee thinking about hosting a class reunion

To be in the RED – when you owe money. This can usually be used when you go in your overdraft.

I can’t afford to buy it this month. I’m in the red. Maybe next month when I get out

Caught RED-handed – to be seen doing something when you shouldn’t

Her son was caught red-handed stealing cola from the supermarket. She was very embarrassed because it was her first day on the job

To be BLACK and BLUE – to have bruises on your body, but also can be used for fruit.

You should have seen his back when he fell off his bike, it was black and blue.



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