Giving YOU the chance to SPEAK!!

The First Lesson...

To help you get ready for our first lesson, take a look at what usually happens... 

the first English lesson...

So, you found me on Google or Bing while searching for 'English with a native speaker on Zoom or Skype' .... or 'English lessons with a native speaker in Warsaw'

You've sent me an email, we've agreed on everything for our first lesson.... you've paid ;) and now you're just waiting for our first lesson to start.

The first lesson is designed to give me an idea of where I think you are with your English and a chance for me to asses your speaking skills. This type of lesson also helps me to plan our future lessons.

Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to do any exercises from a book nor will there be any silent parts, everything will be done through communication, by speaking to each other, like in real life. All the important information we need will be on the slides on the screen.

It is recommended you have a piece of paper and pen near you to note things down. Alternatively if you're a super-modern person, you can just open the note app on your phone or tablet.

The topic of the first lesson is called 'YOU' and it's all about your character as well as people you know....and why - a teacher's favourite question. I will ask you to describe yourself at some point during the lesson, so if you'd like to prepare yourself before we start, think of some adjectives of personality that describe you... and why!

After the lesson, I will have a better idea of your use of grammar, vocabulary knowledge, pronunciation, fluency, and accuracy. I will give you feedback on each of these and I will also tell you what level I think you are. I will also send a list of words that have come up during our lesson to you by email. 

NOTE: Sometimes the level I give after the first lesson changes after a few lessons as most students start feeling more comfortable and start remembering and using more grammar, vocab, and expressions


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To Speak