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There are two world languages and they are English and football! Why not put both of them together and talk about something you love, the beautiful game...

There are two international languages in this world...

There are two international languages in this world and they are English and football, so why not use both together and start practising your English speaking skills to talk about a subject you want to talk about, football! I offer online Skype and Zoom English lessons on the topic of football, soccer, calcio. Whatever you call it!. These lessons are designed to boost your speaking skills. Of course, corrections will be made when mistakes are made, but the main goal is fluency. Each lesson lasts for 60 minutes and is the same format. A sample lesson looks like this....

Part 1 - we look at some of the weekend's past results and talk about them

Part 2 - we talk about your first pair of football boots and the football boots you have owned over the years

Part 3 - we talk about a team, player, or manager and give our opinions and memories of them

Part 4 - we look ahead at the coming week's fixtures and make our predictions and give our thoughts on the game.

Lessons only take place during the football season. August - May

Minimum level B1 - INTERMEDIATE


Prices - All prices are in GBP but can be paid in local currency. Only payment is possible and for PLN, GBP, EUR, USD, UAH, RON bank transfer is available.

1st Lesson - £17 - Discounted first lesson

1 Lesson - £25 - Pay-as-you-go

4 Lessons - £80 - Once a week



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