Giving YOU the chance to SPEAK!!

Someone to listen....

Sometimes some people just need to talk and have someone listen. This isn't English language related, this is just being human. I'm not a qualified therapist, but I am a very good listener. If you're looking for someone who you can just talk to about your problems, life, or anything, my ear is ready.

Sometimes you just need someone to listen...

I've probably done over 500 individual lessons, I've had people from all walks of life in my classroom and sometimes I think, "I feel like I'm a therapist" as my students tell me everything about their life. I think they do this mainly because I create an atmosphere where they can feel at ease knowing whatever they say won't be judged, along with me actually listening to what they say. But, I think, and I don't know because I don't speak another language that maybe it's just easier to "talk" when you're doing it in another language other than your native one.

Going to an English teacher or English coach is much cheaper than going to a therapist. All good teachers give you the opportunity to speak and more importantly good teachers listen to what you say. They treat you as humans, not just students.

I offer an ear to listen to your problems, life or whatever you want to talk about. Naturally, I will ask you questions about what you say, but mostly I will be listening, and not for English mistakes, so if you just need someone to listen, my ear is here.

Again, I am not a qualified therapist, but a very good listening.

Sessions are 45 minutes long and are priced at 30GBP. Payment can be made in local currency.

Sessions also open to native speakers too. 


Feel free to get in contact by email, social media or messenger



To Speak


Feel free to get in contact by email, social media or messenger